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Does it cost anything to post a job? 

It doesn’t cost anything to post a job on ratemytrader.com We charge tradespeople an lead  fee based on the size of the project that you have posted.

What happens after I've posted my job? 

Your job will be reviewed by Rate My Traders. Once your job has been approved, we alert local tradespeople who will decide whether or not to express interest. We will notify you by email when tradespeople express an interest in your job. At this point, you can review the profiles and feedback of interested tradespeople and shortlist those you would like to speak to. Contact details are exchanged only when you say so.

Can I post jobs for multiple properties using one account? 

Yes, you can post jobs for multiple properties from the same account. You will need to enter the correct postcode for each job you post to ensure it’s sent to local tradespeople.

Can I edit my job details? 

You can edit your job description before it’s been approved and after.

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